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Cultivating a Love for Learning

Through Rigorous Academic Study

To Acquire Wisdom and Cultivate Virtue

At Liberty Christian Classical School, we will encourage every student to take an active role in cultivating a love for learning, to think critically, and to live up to his/her academic potential.  In attainment of these goals, we seek to provide a school culture of moral virtue, decorum, respect, discipline, and studiousness among both students and faculty.

We believe that parents are the principal authority in students' lives and therefore we seek to partner with, not replace parents in the education of their children, consistent with our mission, vision, and statement of faith.

Why a Classical Education?

Instruction in the Western tradition through history, literature, philosophy and the fine arts coupled with the study of American literary, moral, philosophical, political and historical traditions will inform a curriculum that is content rich, balanced and strong across the four disciplines of math, science, literature and history.

Classical Education is meant to cultivate students into virtuous human beings who are equipped to live well. Therefore, education should be about formation, not just information.

Pursue the Good, the True, and the Beautiful

Live an Active Life of Faith in the Context of Family, Church, and Local Community

Approach the World with a Sense of Wonder and Curiosity

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Stay Informed

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