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About Us

Liberty Christian Classical School is a private classical Christian school located in Berrien County, Michigan. We are a startup school who will eventually serve students in grades K-12. LCCS accepts no federal or state funding and has broad independence in the design and implementation of its programs.

We are a Christian school dedicated to providing a Classical Education through rigorous academics and upholding patriotic values rooted in a Bible-based, Christ-centered worldview in partnership with parents.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire students toward a lifetime love of learning and pursuit of excellence, along with equipping them for critical thinking, virtuous living and service to others. We aspire to develop responsible and patriotic citizens who can articulate well, apply wisdom and make a positive impact on their communities by valuing what is good, what is true, and what is beautiful, as established in Biblical truth.

Our Vision

Our Story

The idea of Liberty Christian Classical School originated in November of 2022 after a visit to Hillsdale Academy resulted in hours of conversation between four people, who felt passionately that Berrien County needed a school just like it. Fast forward to January 2023 where meetings were held to determine interest in the community, and by March 2023 a Founders Board was created of friends, old and new, who shared a vision for quality education and a dream of offering Berrien County its first Classical Christian School. LCCS will start out in a temporary location until a permanent location can be identified. 

As a Hillsdale College Curriculum school, Hillsdale will provide Liberty Christian with a K-12 program guide & Bill of Materials as well as model bylaws. Liberty will have access to K-12 best practices and the school leadership and teaching faculty will have access to seminars in classical education through the Hoogland Center for Teaching excellence at Hillsdale College.


ACCS is the primary public advocate for classical Christian education.  ACCS offers an extensive array of member services to help build distinctive schools.  And, they provide accountability through accreditation.  The ACCS seeks to set an educational standard for a unified and directed approach to classical Christian learning.

The Founders Board

The Board exists to serve, execute, and protect the mission of the school. To that end, the Board and school have a written mission statement, which the Board reviews regularly. The Board governs the school rather than managing it. It speaks with one voice to the school leader (i.e., headmaster or principal), who is charged with management of the school’s day to day operations. 


The Board has a written succession plan outlining the transition of the Board from  its founding membership and activity to that of long-term governance and strategy.The roles of each Board Member are distinct and described in writing, and the people assigned to these roles can do their work successfully. The school’s mission guides all policies and practices and is evident in the climate, culture, and program of the school. The Board operates according to deadlines and long-term objectives. Requirements and expectations for students, parents, faculty, trustees, and employees clearly reflect the mission of the school. Members of the Board are independent, come from a range of professions, and show a range of talents; they also have the ability to raise funds to serve the school’s mission. The Board includes both parent and local community 


Patrick has had management roles in industries from technology trading firms to a local coffee shop/deli. He holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, and graduated with honors in Finance and Computer Science. Patrick serves the Liberty board as president and provides leadership in finance, facilities, and business matters. Patrick knows how to work well with others to achieve goals. He has also worked with the local public school to develop and implement a CI program. Patrick will be involved in the budgeting, location selection, and the hiring of the headmaster leading up to the opening of the school. Patrick and his wife and two sons live in New Buffalo.

Patrick Kennedy


Eric is a small business owner and entrepreneur who has lived in Berrien County for 50 years. Eric has experience in corporate life, he has been a trustee on a local school board of education as well as chairing and vice charing Planning Commissions for Oronoko Township as well as recently being elected Chairman of the Berrien County GOP. Eric serves the Liberty board as vice president where his role for Liberty Christian Classical School will be working on vision casting, location selection, budgeting, and developing fundraising efforts. Eric is passionate about Liberty because he believes God is opening the door to provide an effective, unique, and much needed form of PreK-12 Christian education to our growing community.

Eric Stoub

Vice President

Richard works for the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a Primary Patent Examiner in the network security and cryptography technology area. He is an electrical engineer, adjunct professor, former Woodrow Wilson Fellowship recipient, and founder of Great Lakes Montessori preschool. His focus for Liberty Christian Classical School is corporate structure, bylaws, articles of incorporation, and the 501(c)(3) application. He further plans to help and support with financial modeling, capital formation, facilities, architecture, and general problem solving. Richard believes Liberty’s emphasis on the True, the Good, and the Beautiful will cultivate young adults who can think critically and speak well.

Richard McCoy


Cindi is the Office Manager at a mid-size manufacturing facility and has had various positions in finance and commercial banking. She holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance from Western Michigan University and is a member of Delta Sigma Pi co-ed business fraternity. As a mother of four, she is an advocate for child development by volunteering throughout the years with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Therapy Dogs, Inc. and 4-H. Cindi holds the position of secretary for Liberty and has helped work on the Statement of Faith, Mission and Vision Statement and has done much of the administration required of a start-up school. Cindi will continue to support Liberty Christian Classical School administratively as needed. She is drawn to classical education because its framework is built upon the framework of child development and fosters curiosity, passion for learning, critical thinking, eloquence, and the art of persuasion.

Cindi Belcher


Suzanne holds a Doctor of Medicine degree and a Master of Science in Public Health and serves as a physician at the local hospital. For 20 years she worked with Classical Christian Education in homeschooling her children. She has served on the Covenant Learning Cooperative Leadership Team in administration, enrollment, operations and teaching Latin and Advanced Biology. Dr. Hayward was a Homeschool Affiliate Member of ACCS from 2007-2021. She is most passionate about opening up Classical Christian education to families in our area through Liberty Christian Classical School. 

Suzanne Hayward, MD MSPH

Founding Member

Renee graduated with a 4.0 and Bachelor of Science from Western Michigan University and has a background as a teacher and in social work. Currently she is a national trainer for a curriculum company. She and her husband planted a church where they recently celebrated 30 years of ministry together. She leads children's ministries, oversees volunteers and leads life groups. Renee has served on committees in ministry, school leadership, and at church. She founded a nonprofit for kids in foster care in 2019. Renee is passionate to bring the essential content students are missing in public education through Liberty Christian Classical School.

Renee Peddie

Founding Member

Tanya is a doctorally prepared, board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She works in Urgent Care for the local healthcare system. Tanya previously worked as a college and university faculty member and program director. She has experience in writing curriculum, writing accreditation standards, and teaching didactically and clinically which she has put to much use during Liberty’s start-up months writing policies and procedures.Tanya is part of a Christian medical group that supports multifaceted Christian medical missions, she also currently serves as a member of a large church advisory council and has served on a private Christian school board. She is using her influence in the community to teach those she interacts with about Liberty Christian Classical School. She is passionate about classical education as it promotes excitement for learning and the pursuit of virtues and the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

Tanya Sobaski, DNP, MSN, BSN, RN, FNP-C

Founding Member

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